About Us

On ParadeThe idea of Kids of Heroes came about after research into the many difficulties faced by our serving and ex-serving members of the Military. This raised an important question, “What about the children of our heroic Armed Forces?” How do they cope with bereavement? What is it like to live with a parent who suddenly finds themselves disabled? Living with combat stress? Depression?

Andy Tinley and Dave Johnson founded Kids of Heroes to be able to offer support through financial solutions, as well as allowing easy access to support services.

Dave and Andy Founders of Kids of Heroes

Dave and Andy
Founders of
Kids of Heroes

We want to raise more awareness of the difficulties faced by our children, something which has being going on for many years, yet only recently coming into the public domain.

This will enable them to understand and deal with these extra difficulties in life, which most children will thankfully, never have to face.

By offering educational support, development support, financial support, recreation time and new business opportunities, we will offer these children real hope for their own future.

Take a moment to reflect on how it must feel to be a child facing these challenges on a daily basis, and then decide what we should and can do about it.