Why I Launched Kids of Heroes

Good morning everyone, this is a bit long but bear with. I was asked last night why I had launched Kids of Heroes, I’d been asked what we do and who for etc. so it made me think for most of last night. So what you are about to read (please do) should explain.
First of all, please note, I’m very pro our Armed Forces, just also quite anti as to the way we are treated afterwards.
Those of you who know me well will know I have faced, done and had done to me some crazy and hugely traumatic experiences in my life. Were it not for my kids, family and some amazing friends(too many to mention you all) I wouldn’t be here writing this.
I joined the Army in 1984 aged 16, whilst I never faced combat or visited a war zone, by the age of 17 I could have shot you from 200m away with my SLR, riddled you with my SMG, shot you up close and personal with my Browning, blown you up with grenades or gutted you with my bayonet, great work for a 17 year old!!!
It wasn’t until last night that I thought about this and had it affected my life? The answer is undoubtedly yes.
Since leaving the Army, I have had countless jobs, lost and ruined relationships, lost friends and fallen out with family….again!. I don’t blame the Army for this, I just never adjusted to being a “civvie”.
My 3 amazing kids, Jordan Tinley, Connor Tinley and Charlie Tinley have had to experience all of these trauma’s with me and for that I say “sorry” but also thank you for being here. I don’t tell them enough, but I love them and am massively proud of them all.
So what have they faced? Over the past 22 years, they have lived with a Dad who has been diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, severe and mild depression. I like to think I have done my best for them and it is testament to them and the people around them that they have turned out so well.
I’m not going to go into personal things that have happened, but yes this affected my whole family, friends/colleagues and most of all my kids.
So, by launching Kids of Heroes, we will make a positive impact on people’s lives. I have found my mission in life, took a while but I got there.
Someone once said to me “your life is a rollercoaster”, she was right, but now I’ve just got to the end of the ride and my passion for what I do will have a positive impact for so many…
Some of you may already have read Alfie’s story, he is a true inspiration. Some of you will have ignored it and some may have glanced and not given it a second thought. We all hit the like button on here at funny stories and things that may touch us, how many of us actually do something to make a difference?andy tinley
My very personal reason for Launching Kids of Heroes is to know that my Mum and Dad would be proud of what I’m doing. I’ve lost them both, so they will never get to see it, but just knowing that I’d finally made them proud fills me with enormous satisfaction. My Parents were hard working, good people who raised 6 kids and raised them to do the right thing. Well 5 out of 6 was a job well done, but the 6th is finally getting there.
So, I hope you now understand why I launched Kids of Heroes. To finish, just a few thanks . First my Mum and Dad, my big sisters Jacqueline Tinley, Andrea Woolston, my little sister Ailsa Carvell I’m sorry and my big brother Tony Tinley. My kids. My best mate Dave Johnson, who has bought me back from the brink more times than I can say, Luke Kenshole, the bravest guy I know and a real inspiration, all my friends from Devon and Bourneville who helped me through my darkest times and Andi Mac the most “can do” person I’ve ever met and everyone else I’ve met along the way.
On October 11th I’ll be doing my Sky Dive, I’m asking you to help me to help me to make a difference. Easy to donate, just go to www.kidsofheroes.co.uk and click the donate button. It’s not about the amount you give, it’s showing that you care about our amazing Armed Forces and their families. Whether we served 1 day or 30 years, we all had the balls to stand up for you and so many families have suffered along the way. As Bob Geldolf famously said in 1985 “Just give us yer f*cking money!!” Sorry about the swear word Mum, it wasn’t my fault x
Thanks for reading guy’s

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