kids of heroesKids of Heroes are looking for donations to help the children of our serving and ex-serving Armed Forces. Please think for just a minute, what difference could we make to the lives of these children? We are looking to raise funds to be able to give these children quality recreation time, access to innovative and quality counselling services, help with their education and or further training, careers guidance, funds to be able to start their own business.

This is your opportunity to give something back to those families who over so many years have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

We are not asking for miminum or monthly donations, just what you can comfortably afford to give without making a difference to your own lifestyle. By doing this you could make a massive difference to those who really need our help.

Our first major fund raiser is to raise £30,000 to be able to buy Holiday Accomodation. Just think, that’s only 30,000 out of Millions in this Country donating £1, or 3,000 people donating £10. If you can’t afford £1, then please help to raise the profile of Kids of Heroes throughout the Country. All donations are welcome, large or small, it all counts.