How You Can Help Us

What are you doing this Summer? If you would like to help Kids of Heroes, then spend a few minutes to think about what you could do during the coming months.

Why should you help? There are thousands of children in the UK who have and will continue to suffer as a result of their parent or parents serving our Country. Don’t all children deserve the best start to their early, teenage or going into adult years? If we can just give a little bit then think of the difference you could personally make to so many lives.
If you are going on Holiday this Summer then spare a thought for those who can’t for reasons beyond their control. You could help to send a child on Holiday, giving them and their parents a well- deserved break. By just donating the price of one ice cream you will make a difference and save on the calories!54185-20140607

We aim to help Children with Educational needs, supporting them financially and with private tutoring where necessary to enable them to receive the education they deserve. We often take it for granted that our children will go onto College or gain an Apprenticeship, we are here to support this transition. These children could be our future entrepreneurs; we will support them with advice, guidance and where appropriate a start-up loan.
The children of our Military may face issues that no child should have to face, bereavement, disability, combat stress, depression to name a few. These are things which we will be able to offer support so that the children of our brave Armed Forces can deal with these issues and enjoy the future which most of us take for granted.

You could help by arranging your own sponsored event, it doesn’t have to be anything big, all sponsorship is welcome and every penny raised can really make a difference.
We would love to hear from you for your ideas on what you would like to do to raise money for those who really need your help.
If doing something to raise money is not for you, then you can simply make a donation to help the cause raise the money to really make a difference. There is no minimum or maximum amount, please only donate what you can comfortably afford to give.