Alfie’s Story (Part 3)

Thank you for taking the time to read Alfie’s story so far. Remember, this is a story told in the words of a brave young man, whose Father fought on our behalf and the impact this had on Alfie and his family. At Kids of Heroes, we believe that every child has the right to the best start in life. After meeting Alfie several times now, one of the main ways in which we want to help is to ensure Alfie can have the best support possible. I have written this next part after talking to Alfie over the phone; he is currently on Holiday with his Mum in South Devon, which KoH provided.

To date (15/07/14), everything we have done for KoH has been out of our own pockets that is how strongly we feel about the cause. Please help us to help people like Alfie and provide these kids with the start in life we all take for granted.

Enjoy the next part of Alfie’s story.

I was so excited when we went to pick Dad up; he was still in his uniform and looked really good. When he came over to us, he hugged us really tight and kept telling us how much he had missed us all. Mum was crying again, I thought she would be happy. She said she was and she was crying because she was so happy. We talked all the way back home, Dad said he was so glad to be back home and had missed his little soldier. I’d really missed my Dad and was so glad he was home and safe. I wanted to ask him loads of questions about Afghanistan, but he said we could do that later.

Mum had arranged a massive party for Dad coming home, there was my Mum, Nanny Lyn and Granddad and loads of our friends. Mum and Nanny Lyn had done loads of food and drinks. Dad’s friend Nick was there, Nick was in a wheelchair because he had been blown up, he used to drink loads of beer when he came to our house.

I remember the party being really good to start with because everyone was happy to see Dad home. Then everybody started to drink loads and I could tell Mum was getting cross, because Nick and my Dad were shouting and swearing. I can’t remember lots about the party only the last part which was horrible. I remember Nick telling my Dad that he was lucky to come home safe and that next time he might not be. I was really confused because Nick seemed angry that my Dad was safe. Mum asked them to be a bit quieter and Nick swore at my Mum, which made my Dad upset. I told Nick he shouldn’t swear at my Mum because she was having a baby and he just laughed and said some horrible things about my Dad not seeing our baby or grow up or that he would end up like him and be no good to no one. It was horrible and Dad asked Nick to go, everyone seemed really upset and it went all quiet.

After everyone had gone I asked Dad what Nick had meant. He said sometimes people didn’t come back from War or they came back badly hurt like Nick. I remember asking why Nick was so angry and he said it was because he couldn’t go back to Afghanistan and was sad about that. I just thought he was angry all the time and I didn’t like him because he’d upset my Mum.

For a few weeks everything was ok and my Mum said that soon she would be having our baby, it was really exciting. Mum and Dad were always talking about baby stuff and I got a bit bored after a while. They didn’t seem to talk about me as much and I wondered if they would love the baby more than me, I hoped not.

I got up one morning and Mum and Dad were gone, Nanny Lynn was there and she woke me up. She said Mum and Dad were at the Hospital because Mum was having the baby. I remember Granddad driving us to the Hospital and my Mum was sitting up in bed with Chloe in her arms. Mum and Dad looked dead excited and happy, it was nice but I was a bit scared because now they had a new baby.

Chloe was brilliant, she was my new sister. Dad said that when he was away I was the man of the house and must always look after my Mum and Chloe. That made me feel important like my Dad and I promised I would always look after Mum and Chloe.

I’m trying to think back to the things we did after Chloe was born, but we didn’t seem to do the stuff we used to do. Dad didn’t want to take me to football anymore and Mums was always crying, she called it baby blues, whatever that meant. Dad was always working or at the pub with Nick, I didn’t like Nick.

When I went to bed I would wait up for Dad coming home, hoping he would come and say goodnight, he never did. I would lie in bed and listen to Mum and Dad arguing really loudly and sometimes it woke Chloe up, I would sneak into her room and help her go back to sleep.

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Dad never used to drink so much like he did now, I don’t know why he did it because it just made him and Mum fight all the time. I asked Mum why they were always fighting and she said Dad had found it really difficult in Afghanistan and it had upset him. She said he would be alright and he loved us all. It didn’t seem like it to me, he was just always drunk and nasty to Mum. I tried to talk to Dad about it but he said I was too young to understand and that when I was older I would get it. I don’t want to drink when I’m older, it makes you say horrible things.

I’m trying really hard to think about the good bits when Dad came home, but I can’t, it just seemed to be my Mum and Dad arguing all the time and Mum being upset. I used to listen to them arguing and talking and then I would get under my quilt and make my wishes that Dad would be nice again.

All the good things with Dad now seem so long ago, I know Dad loved being in the Army but it had made him angry all the time. I do still want to be a soldier but I didn’t want to be angry like my Dad. I wanted to be like my Dad was before he went to Afghanistan.

I used to sit with Mum at night when Dad was at the pub with Nick, he was always with Nick. We would sometimes put music on or watch a film together, it was like it was when Dad was in Afghanistan, and sometimes I wished he would go back there, but I knew it was dangerous.

A few weeks later Mum and Dad told me that Dad was having to back to Afghanistan. Mum was really sad, but Dad seemed to be really excited. I had not seen him like this for ages, but he was still going to the pub all the time. I hoped him and my Mum weren’t going to fall out.

Dad said I would have to look after my Mum and Chloe whilst he was away. I was doing that anyway, he just didn’t seem to notice anymore.

I didn’t feel so sad this time when we took Dad to go, neither did Mum. We all sat in the car really quiet, it felt really strange. It wasn’t like last time, Dad just said bye to us all, kissed me and Chloe and said goodbye to my Mum.

Then my Dad was gone and I wasn’t sure I wanted him to come back.


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