Alfies Story Part 2

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I hope you enjoy the next part of Alfie’s story:

Just before Dad went to Afghanistan Mum was always sad and I would listen to them talking from the top of the stairs. It would make me upset to hear Mum cry because I didn’t want her to be on her own. Dad would tell Mum that she had to be brave for me and my Dad.
Me and Dad talked about Afghanistan, I can’t remember all of it because it was a long time ago. I knew I had to be brave for my Mum and I wanted my Dad to know I was ok. I was really scared about Dad going. Sometimes I had bad thoughts about what might happen to him because I knew there were loads of bad people. I knew Dads friend had been blown up and if that happened to Dad I didn’t know what I would do and how I could help my Mum.

On the day Dad was going I remember we all hugged and Dad promised he would ring and would talk to us on Mums laptop. When we dropped Dad off Mum cried all the way home and that made me cry to. Nanny Lynn and Granddad came round and said everything would be ok. I hoped my Dad would be ok but wondered what would happen if he didn’t come back.

alfie webTo start with I think I was angry Dad had gone. Everybody else in my class had their Dad at home. Some people at School said my Dad could get blown up and I had lots of fights. Mum had to come to School to talk to the teachers and I had to promise not to fight anymore. I just wanted to show Mum I could fight like Dad and stop the bad people saying horrible things.
I spoke to Dad on Mums laptop he said I shouldn’t fight with people and that it wasn’t their fault they didn’t understand, I thought he would have been happy, but I think I just made him cross again. I could hear Dad saying everything was ok and he had been really busy. Mum was saying she couldn’t wait for him to come home and that none of them should be there, I didn’t know what she meant because Dad had told me it was his job and he was going there to make the World safe for everyone. When Mum was talking I could tell she was getting angry, she was getting angry a lot.

I really missed Dad for the first few weeks, but it was good to be able to talk to him. After a while I kind of got used to it, but it wasn’t the same. Mum didn’t want to do much with me and said we couldn’t go the football, so it was a bit boring really. I hated seeing work my friends doing things with their Dads and I couldn’t. Mum was still crying a lot and didn’t go to as much as she used to. When I asked her why she said it was because Dad was away and it made her feel sad and poorly and the Doctor was helping her feel happy again.
I didn’t know then, but Mum was pregnant with my little Sister Chloe, we didn’t know her name would be Chloe then though.

Whilst Dad was away Mum used to watch the News a lot, I didn’t know why because it just made her sad. There were lots of stories about soldiers being shot or blown up, Mum would go out of the room sometimes, but I knew she was crying. I used to tell Mum that Dad would be ok because he was the best Soldier and would not let the bad people get him.

At night I would sit with Mum and read to her from my school book. It wasn’t the same not having Dad to read to as well, but Mum was good with helping with the big words. I didn’t really like reading, but I did it to help cheer Mum up. I never liked to be sad in front of Mum, I always waited till I went to bed and I would talk to my Dads picture, it felt like he could hear me, I hope he could. I would tell him to come home safe because if he didn’t Mum would be sad forever and I don’t think I was very good at looking after her.

ID-10038918When Dad had been gone a few weeks, Mum told me that she had something to tell me. I was scared because I thought something had happened to my Dad. Mum told me I was going to have a little Brother or Sister. It was kind of exciting I suppose and Mum smiled more. We told Dad together and he was really pleased and started screaming and laughing, we could see his friends hugging him, it was nuts.

After that Mum seemed ok and was going to work more, I had to promise to work hard at School and I helped Mum at home. Nanny Lynn and Granddad used to come over a lot and Nanny Lyn would cook tea, she was really good at cooking and always made loads.
After a while Mum seemed sad again and was crying a lot. I didn’t know what to do so I would go and play in my room or out with my friends. Dad didn’t call as much and when he did we didn’t talk for long. He said he was busy and Mum would say “you’re always too busy for us!” I think he made her angry when he said that. I didn’t like it when they argued on the laptop, sometimes Dad would swear, he never used to. I hated Afghanistan for making my Mum and Dad argue all the time, it wasn’t fair, he was only trying to help.

You could tell Mum was having a baby now, her tummy was really round. She was trying to be happy and I remember her telling me that Dad would be coming home in a few weeks and we could have a party.

I couldn’t wait………

Thank you for reading Alfies story. Remember Alfie is not alone in these feelings and the more we can do to help then the better. I hope you are enjoying Alfies story, but please think, this is a real story and is happening to real people every day. Alfies feelings are not going to change overnight and like many others, Alfie needs our help. Please take a couple of minutes to think about what you could do to make a difference to a young person’s life. We all go about our own lives and we have so much to take into account, but please spare a thought for others like Alfie. Our target at present is to be able to buy a Holiday Home for families like Alfies. How much change have you got in your pocket or purse right now?

Every penny you have over what you thought you had, then donate it, you won’t miss it. Thank you.

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Alfies Story Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing Alfie’s story and thank you for setting up Kis of Heroes. I have three of my own, their father was injured in Afghanistan 3 years ago and it has been a long and difficult journey for us. It’s so good to see somebody on the chidren’s side for once, they can be forgotten about sometimes and although they appear strong, they feel it as much as we do. I have shared Alfie’s story and details of the charity on my social media pages and will do so on my blog too.

    • Hi EmJay
      Many thanks for your comments, it’s very much appreciated. We are hoping to take Alfie’s Story nationwide via independent book shops in the very near future. Our main campaign at present is to raise the awareness of mental health issues for serving and ex-serving members of UK Armed Forces. This will require Government aid in the way of helping us to raise the profile of the work we are doing. We now also have excellent link with Play Therapy UK and we are convinced we will have made huge strides over the coming 12 months. Thanks again and good luck.

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