Alfie’s Story Part 1

alfies storyMy name is Alfie, I am 11 years old. I wrote this story with some help from my Mum and my friend Andy who works for a Charity.

My Dad is called Glenn and he was a Soldier in the Army. I wanted to be in the Army like Dad, but Mum says I should be a Doctor because they can help people and don’t get hurt. I think I still want to be a Soldier though. Dad said it was good being a Soldier because you helped people and that was why we could all go to bed safely at night. Dad always made me feel safe because he was brave and I was brave when he went away.

I have a little Sister, Chloe; she is 4 and goes to School. Chloe isn’t brave like me, she cries if Mum goes out and I have to play with her to make her happy again.

My Mum is called Hayley and she cuts people’s hair, she doesn’t cut mine though because when she did it looked rubbish and people at School laughed. Now I go to a proper man’s haircut place. Mum doesn’t like it because she has to pay.

Dad was in the Army a long time, even before I was born, so he must have been a good Soldier. He had medals which meant he was brave.

Before Dad had to go to a place called Afghanistan, Dad was always at home and we used to do loads of good things. Dad used to take me to football at Cambridge United. They weren’t very good, I like Manchester United better because they win things and my favourite player is Rooney, and I have a shirt with his name on it. Dad used to shout at the referee, but it was always good fun because I got a hotdog at the game and Dad said it was our special time.

That was a long time ago before Dad had to go away. Then it was just me, my Mum and Dad and Nanny Lynn and Granddad. Granddad was a soldier to, but now he’s too old so my Dad was instead.

Granddad sometime came to football with us, but not Mum or Nanny Lynn, they didn’t like football, and they liked shopping instead. That was good because Nanny Lynn would buy me a present sometimes.

Dad used to tell me all about being a Soldier and it sounded exciting, he went to lots of places to visit and help people.

My Dad used to make us laugh, especially my Mum. Mum said he was her soul mate but I don’t know what that really means. I think it meant she really liked him. Mum said he was nuts because he was always telling jokes and making people laugh and he was always smiling and happy. I wish my Dad could still be like that now; I miss him making us all laugh.

Dad joined the Army after School; Mum said because he didn’t work very hard at School and messed about in class. My teachers would have told him off and made him stay behind.

Sometimes Dad would tell me about being a Soldier and why it was important. He said he helped stop the bad people, that’s why I want to be a soldier, so I can help make my Mum and Sister safe.

Dad said sometimes Soldiers get hurt and one of his friends got really hurt and is in a wheelchair because somebody blew him up with a big bomb. That made Dad really angry and he would sometimes look really sad when he talked about it. I was glad that never happened to my Dad, but I felt sad for his friend, he’s not a soldier anymore. He said he wasn’t allowed to fight anymore because he couldn’t chase anybody anymore in a wheelchair, I know that he was joking. Sometime he would come to our house and talk to my Dad, they both looked angry and would drink lots of beer, and my Mum didn’t like it because they would be really noisy and keep us awake.

At home at dinner time, me, Mum and Dad used to sit at he the big table and Mum and Dad would talk loads about all sorts of things. I was at School and would have to tell them all about my day, mostly boring stuff but they said I should always remember my School days, don’t know why because it’s mostly boring and we do the same things everyday. Mum used to talk about the people who came into the shop; I think they all talked a lot. Dad used to say Mum could talk for England, but he used to still listen to her stories. Dad’s day always sounded more fun than Mum’s but Mum used to tell him off when he told us about some of the things they did. I don’t think they talked as much as Mum, Dad said when they were training they would have to be really quiet and wouldn’t be able to talk for ages, Mum wouldn’t be very good at that.

I think when I was nearly 5, Dad said he was going to a place called Afghanistan, I didn’t know where it was. Dad said he was going to help because some people had done bad things there and they didn’t like us. Mum cried a lot, I could hear her when I was in bed, and I think she thought Dad might get blown up like his friend. I was glad my Dad was brave but sad because I would miss him. Dad promised he would come back and that me and Granddad would have to look after Mum and Nanny Lynn.

At Christmas before Dad went we had a great big dinner and Mum and Dad sang songs when the words came up on the screen, it’s called Karaoke. I tried to have a go but couldn’t keep up with all the words so got stuck. Dad laughed and helped me, he always helped me. That was the best Christmas ever, Mum says that they will be that good again but I know they can’t be because Dad isn’t there at Christmas.

Mum asked me what I remember before Dad had to go away. I hope I’ve got most of it remembered.

I remember football with my Dad, that Christmas, going on Holiday when it was really sunny and Mum got burnt. I remember Mum and Dad always cuddling and holding hands, Mum says because they loved each other. I guess that’s good but they used to do it everywhere. I remember Dad always laughing and making me and Mum laugh. Then I remember Dad had to go away and be a soldier.

Then after that it all got sad…………………………. Please follow next week to read Alfie’s story.


I would like to thank Alfie and his Mum Hayley for taking the time to tell this story. I have tried to stick to the story Alfie told, so have just written how it how Alfie told it. This was really tough for Alfie, who never flinched at telling his story and I was amazed at his memory.

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