Alfies Story (Final Part)

I am finding this really tough to tell this part of the story because it’s the worst bit. I want to get this bit done quickly because it’s not nice to talk about.

The arguments my Mum and Dad were having got worse after my Dad left the Army, he just seemed so angry all the time. When he was happy he was really funny but this hardly ever happened anymore. When he was angry he would shout really loud and swear at my Mum.

My Mum just seemed to be crying all the time and I didn’t know what I could do to help. I had just moved up to the big school and I found it really hard, there were so many more people than at my last School.

I didn’t like the new school, there were loads more lessons and it was all really boring. I just wanted to go back home to look after my Mum and Chloe. Chloe went to a Nursery School but she was always crying to and I heard Mum say to Nanny Lynn that it was because all she heard was my Dad shouting all the time.

I heard Mum ask my Dad why he hadn’t asked for help from the Army and he started shouting and swearing at her again. He said there was nothing wrong with him and that he should never have left. He just yelled at my Mum all the time.

I didn’t like it at home or school anymore, if Dad wasn’t at the pub then he was drinking in the house and he just seemed drunk all the time. Even when he first got up in the morning he would have a can of beer when me and Chloe were eating our breakfast. Mum would come downstairs and get us ready for school and take us off in the car. She hardly even talked to my Dad anymore.

When I was at home I tried to talk to Dad but he was always so drunk. I asked him about Afghanistan and he would just get another beer and go upstairs or turn the TV up really loud so he couldn’t hear me. I didn’t know what I had done to make my Dad so angry, but he was angry with everybody all the time.

One day I came home from School and Mum was sitting in the living room crying, I went to her to ask her what the matter was and she said Dad had left. I asked my Mum why he had gone and she said she had asked him to leave because he was drinking all the time. I asked Mum where he had gone and she said she didn’t know.

I was so angry with Mum I ran out the house to find my Dad. I looked everywhere for my Dad and it was getting dark, I was a bit scared but pretended not to be. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to look, so went into the pubs in Town and asked if anyone had seen my Dad. Nobody had and when I was in one pub a policeman came in and asked me my name. When I told him he said my Mum was looking for me and that she was upset, he drove me home to my Mum.

Mum was really angry with me, but she seemed so sad and wouldn’t stop crying. I told her we would find Dad and that it would be alright, that we would all be happy again. Mum just nodded and looked at me and told me to go to bed.

The next time I saw my Dad was a few weeks later, he was in the park on a bench with a bottle of wine or something in his hand. It was 8.30 in the morning and he was drunk. I ran over to him to see if he was alright and he just looked at me, it was like he didn’t know who I was. How could this have happened to my Dad? He was a soldier and now he was in the park all dirty and drunk. I looked at Mum and she just held her arms out to me, I ran over and we both cried.

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I haven’t seen my Dad now for a few months. Mum says he wants to see me and Chloe but the time isn’t right yet. I want my Dad back to be like he was. I am still proud of my Dad for being a Soldier and looking after us all, that’s why I still want to be a soldier. I don’t like what he got like after Afghanistan but I just want him to get better and come home. I am trying really hard to look after Mum and Chloe and am even trying a little bit harder at School, but I still don’t like it much.

I am glad Andy and Mum asked me to tell this story. Andy explained that he wants to try and help people like us who have had things happen to them. It has been tough telling the story because it made me remember some sad things, but also some good things to. Also Andy sent me and my Mum on Holiday to say thank you for my story.

I hope Andy’s charity does really well and I told him that one day I might be able to work for him and do some charity stuff.

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