Alfies Mum

Hi, thank you to everybody who has read Alfies story. We asked to alter names and locations to protect my son’s identity as I felt he was so brave to tell his story, but we did not want to draw unnecessary attention to our family.

To finish the story with some of what Alfie didn’t know, Alfies Dad, Glenn is now living in a Hostel, which has been arranged by another Military Charity.

Glen never sought any help from the Army, despite their efforts to help him. I can only say that the Army were fantastic in their offers of support to Glenn and myself, but Glenn could not see that he needed help until it was too late. Unfortunately, in a very short space of time after leaving the Army Glenn became an alcoholic, homeless and for a short period of time a user of heroin.

Had it not been for the Army or the Charities involved I know that Glenn would now either be dead or in prison.

This story was never about myself or Glenn, it was about our son who lived through the traumas of his Dad going into conflict and finding a way to deal with it.

Please don’t be fooled, Alfie isn’t quite the angel Andy portrays him to be, he has come close to being expelled from School on several occasions, although, we now appear to be turning the corner. For such a young boy, Alfie coped remarkably well with everything that was going on in his short life. He has been my rock throughout and he is only 11. I feel a twinge of shame when I say that because I should be the support for Alfie, not the other way around. I am so proud of him right now.

You’re perhaps wondering how I feel about Alfie joining the Army after what happened to Glen. After talking to Andy, I realise that we all make our own decisions in life and Glen made his for better or worse.

The Army gave us a fabulous life and were more than willing to offer support to Glen who did not want it. So my answer to that is without doubt, yes I would be more than happy if Alfie were to join the Army. The Army and all our Armed Forces are filled with men and women who are prepared to sacrifice so much for us whilst the majority of people float through life without a thought for people like them.

I would just like to finish by saying a massive thanks to Andy from Kids of Heroes who was not only brilliant with Alfie but also when needed gave me a bit of a reality check and has given me a better perspective on life. If you can help Kids of Heroes in any way then please do, this is a fantastic cause which has already made such a difference to the lives of our family.

Thanks, Hayley x

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