Alfie’s Story – Intro

Alfie’s Story

alfies storyAlfie is an 11 year old boy, whose Father served in Afghanistan with the British Army. This is Alfie’s story of what it was like living with a Soldier for a Father after being in combat.

Names and locations have been changed at the request of Alfie’s family, who fully support Alfie’s story.

This is not a story from a Soldier, but how this affected a young boy and his family.

Alfie’s story will be told over the next few weeks. It will make you smile, make you sad and sometimes maybe even cry. Alfie wants it to make you think, not about him but about his family.

Alfie’s story is in his own words; I have merely listened to his story and told it on his behalf.

Alfie is a wonderful, selfless young man and this is why Kids of Heroes wrote his story. To read Alfie’s story please visit regularly.

Our first project is to raise a minimum of £30,000 to be able to purchase a Holiday Home in the UK to support people like Alfie, to be able to put a smile back on his face. The project will be called ‘Alfie’s Holidays’.

To thank Alfie and his family, we are sending Alfie and his family on a holiday in the South of Devon. To support us please go to the donate page and pledge your support. We do not want anyone to give what they can’t afford, perhaps the cost of an ice cream or a glass of wine, it will all help.

Kids of Heroes is here to support people like Alfie, with recreation time, emotional support services, career development and training where required.

If anyone would like to get involved with Kids of Heroes, either by helping to arrange our events, taking part or organising an event of your own, or just making a donation then please contact us at [email protected]


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